Hello, I’m Bonnie Duffley, a user experience designer in Los Angeles currently working at Disney. Find me on LinkedIn, , and Dribbble. This portfolio is currently in progress. 

I’m a maker – a strategic thinker and multifaceted digital product designer that specializes in creating innovative digital experiences (web, mobile, app, smart TVs, gaming consoles, virtual reality, in-store installations, etc.). My approach combines strategic business acumen, technical knowledge, and hands-on design skills.




As a product designer, my role is to understand business objectives, understand user objectives, and design a full-stack solution. 

A product designer is different from a visual designer, user experience designer, or UI/UX designer in that we must be able to understand and execute the user experience of a product as a whole; not purely as interaction (feel) or visual (look) design.

My process is typically made up of the following phases:

  • Empathize: Conduct research to develop a deeper understanding of my users.
  • Define: Use my research to define the true problem and begin to highlight opportunities for innovation.
  • Ideate: Rapid generation of potential solutions via sketching, wireframing, visual design, etc.
  • Prototype: Build a prototype (or series of prototypes) to test potential solutions. I can prototype in HTML, CSS, JS, and typical prototyping tools like Axure, After Effects, Principle for Mac, Framer JS, etc.
  • Test: Find out if my prototypes meet users’ needs.
  • Implement: Bring the vision truly to life. By having a strong grasp on technology, working with developers and going through the build process is rewarding and gratifying.